Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

Or woman behind the curtain.  While there is no such thing as Oz (right?), there is someone blogging behind the curtain. Who am I? Well, thats a good question. I would love to sum it up for you in a quick few words, paragraphs, pages, chronicles, or yellow brick roads.
BUT *I* haven't even decided who I am yet (are you a good witch or a bad witch?), so I cannot tell you.  Maybe we can figure it out together because I have not yet determined it's time for me to stop moving, changing, growing, evolving, searching... for a little courage, heart and brains!

I can, however, tell you some static information about myself and that could help you make some dynamic assumptions.  I am 30. I am female. Bored already? You haven't even given me a minute to warm up! I haven't written since college.
I am a mama. I am a probation officer for one of the biggest counties in the great state of Texas. (insert yee-haw here) I am married; we'll call him "Jason." We own a new house in the whereabouts of Keller/Ft.Worth.  I am healthy to my knowledge. I have a younger brother I adore, a mother I still need, a dad with a one-of-a-kind personality, a dog who barks too much, a cat who throws up too much and a partridge in a pear tree. I was born in South Carolina in BBBTS (beautiful Beaufort by the sea) and have lived in the Lone Star state since my mom ran away with the gypsies when I was about 3 or 4 years old. Ok, so really, she didn't run away with "gypsies" so much as a young US Marine, fresh out of the corps (my dad). I went to school, got good grades (with the exception of a 3 in Algebra), got in trouble here and there, played the Cowardly Lion in a school play somewhere in there, graduated highschool with the "FIRST CLASS OF THE MILLENIUM" in 2000 (that will definitely not be so cool when my daughter understands it, as it was when I was in 3rd grade and the school staff decided it would motivate us all to stay in school) and went to college at University of North Texas. There, I changed my major 3 times, wasting many man hours and man dollars before I landed in Criminal Justice with an English minor. I did graduate (with a 3.25+ GPA). And it only took 7 years and a summer. No, I am not a doctor. To this day, I am angry I took 4 semesters of American Sign Language for my foreign language credits, since I did not need foreign language in my new major. I looked quite the fool signing the story of The Ugly Duckling to my class of potheads (poppies, poppies....)  and a few deaf tutors. I digress.
Anyway, that pretty much leads me to today (with quite a few nooks, crannies, decades, and gaping canyons missing but we can fill those in as we go).
So, let's just start from today.
I don't have a "goal" or "reason" for this blog. It will be random. Like life.

PS. I promise to add pics in future entries, because lets face it, everyone hates to read words when you can try to figure out the whole story via pictures, even if it takes much longer ;)

Oh and please, do leave a comment. Or don't if it's a rude comment. Or just lurk and pretend you didn't read this. Thats ok, too.
Now go, before someone drops a house on you!


  1. You've got a gift of humor AND writing...I look forward to seeing more entries. :) You've got a fan!

  2. Replies
    1. well let us find the rest of the crew and be on our merry way

    2. I know right! Lol. Somewhere over the rainbow!

  3. Good job! Cant wait to hear more confessions of a southern belle!

    1. oh there are sooo many, but you know them ash

  4. Your costume as a cowardly lion was inspired. That could have been the moment you were destined for stardom.

  5. Teach Lila to sign - then it won't feel as much of a waste and she'll be bilingual!

  6. Yea!!! You have joined the blogging world.

  7. I am just now reading this. I took 12 credit hours of ASL I also don't use! -CSM