Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The real lessons of second grade

True story :
When I was in the second grade, the movie The Little Mermaid was very popular and it was my favorite movie! It still is.
Anyway, I once told one of my classmates that after I left school I went and turned into a mermaid and lived in the ocean with the characters from the movie. Why did I do it? Couldn't tell ya. Who DOESN'T wanna be a mermaid? So, the girl believed me for about a week and finally she brought it up to her mom. Her mom told her that I was a liar and to stop hanging out with me at all at school.
So, I lost a friend because I lied about becoming a mermaid in second grade.
Lesson learned.

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  1. No loss of a friend who has parents that crush creative thinking! I AM a mermaid and always have been. We should be bffs :)